Wir machen Focus: Unser TEAM

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Martin Waitz, CEO and Founder, martin.waitz[at]

In 1988, I began to deal with the development of control systems for film cameras and lenses. Over the years, there was a technical evolution in the construction of control devices.  At the beginning, new fieldbus systems were used for modular networking of devices, followed by the development of robust radio systems, the introduction of ergonomic standpoints into device construction, countless studies on user interface design, technologies for distance determination or, ultimately, the visualization of lens and video data.

During my work I was fortunate to work closely with the users of the technical equipment. With increasing experience, ongoing feedback and confrontation of the wishes of the focus pullers, I have noticed: It still needs to be different.
The basis of all developments is an unbridled curiosity and joy, to deal with new technologies and to inspire and network people for new ideas. Great techniques can only arise in a great team. The basic principles of focusing have been developed together with focus pullers, camera specialists and a wide range of experts. A system has been developed that allows for the first time what was previously impossible. A distance measuring system which permanently provides all distance data and offers the focus puller the opportunity to live out his or her creativity without restriction was born.

Verena götzner

Verena Götzner, Marketing and Sales, verena.goetzner[at]